Hidden Layer of The Universe, 2023

by Kobayashi Taketo
18” x 24”
Mixed media on canvas

“The adage ‘What we perceive is but a fraction of reality’ finds eloquent expression in the artistic masterpiece ‘Hidden Layer of The Universe.’ In the depths of the subatomic realm, we encounter a labyrinthine tapestry of dimensions, intricately folded within particles.
What we once considered cosmic emptiness, the very void of the universe, is revealed to be a cauldron of dark matter, a mysterious substance that eludes our senses. The human psyche, constrained by its perceptual limitations, often equates non-recognition with nonexistence…

Hangry Hamster, 2023

Painting and Custom Sculpture Pair by Ian Cinco
16” x 20.5”
Acrylic on archival art paper

Acrylic on Hungry Hamster Vinyl Blank

“My Hungry Hamster design ncorporates imagery from a body horror piece I call “Shattered.” The metaphysical expressionist image wrapped around the hamster invokes shear terror. Also included on the figure are my signature rainbow tits.” Ian Cinco

The Other side of the Moon, 2023

by Freddy Lim
23” x 33”
Acrylic mixed media on archival art paper

“The other side of the moon” is an emotional piece, playing with form, color, texture, light and shadow.
Freddy invites the audience to embark on a deeply personal and introspective journey, where their unique emotions become the canvas upon which the true essence of the artwork is revealed.
It is an open invitation to be still and feel, inviting viewers to explore their personal narratives and feelings through the lens of this creation.

“See what you see,and see what you don’t.” – Freddy Lim

Out in the Wild, 2023

by Song
24” x 36”
Acrylic on Canvas

As the sunsets to the west, the wild hamsters comes out glowing with liberation ready to be out of the wild tropical jungle of Singapore as artwork is to express a sense of freedom as the hamster crawls out of the canvas.