The Story

The Hungry Hamster is a representation of toxic greed you see in everyday artists and its ecosystem.
Each of them has a story to be told and hold on to a half-eaten ‘munchie’, giving you a hint of the little desires they so wish for.
Releasing as both a digital and physical collectible, Hungry Hamster hopes to collaborate with artists and projects to hold amazing exhibitions, as well as help younger creators with funding and incubation.
A Passion for the Arts

Hungry Hamster was born from a profound love for the arts and the incredible artists who bring them to life. Freddy founded this brand with a vision of providing a collaborative platform for artists to join forces, fostering a collective creative effort. The goal is to not only collaborate with artists but also to offer them an avenue for generating income. Hungry Hamster’s mission extends beyond mere designer toys; it encompasses fine arts and lifestyle products as well. As part of our commitment, we will proudly represent artists, curate exhibitions, and support emerging talents in their journey towards greater exposure and financial support.

Freddy Lim
Founder, Hungry Hamster | Hungry Human Pte Ltd

Freddy is a multidisciplinary creative, directing art projects in fashion, print, products and the like for more than 2 decades. As the founder of Hungry Hamster, Freddy hopes to bring the experience he has to make a global art toy and lifestyle brand that collaborates with creatives from all over the world.
Launching September 2023 in the United States, Hungry Hamster’s next events would be held in Singapore, Taiwan, US and Japan.
For the future, Freddy plans to create a “Greed Pool” incubation and funding program to nuture potential artists and help with distribution and manufacturing.


Kobayashi Taketo
Toy Designer | Post-Digital Artist

After garnering profound expertise in 3D graphics and animation through his tenure at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Creative Laboratory and Gonzo Co., Ltd., Taketo embarked on his artistic journey by spearheading independent projects. Employing cutting-edge digital technologies such as 3DCG and 3D printing as his virtuosic “brush,” Taketo manifests a diverse array of art forms ranging from sculptural masterpieces realized through 3D printing to captivating animations.
Taketo stands as a founding member of METAMO Industries Pte. Ltd., disseminating alternative cultural expressions within Singapore and across Southeast Asian nations, while simultaneously fostering intercultural exchanges with Japan.

Other Partners and Advisors

To be announced~